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Home of Soundwaves Chorale

Embark on a musical adventure and elevate your journey by joining our year-round choir. Unlock your potential, embrace your artistry, and discover the pure joy of music with us.

Established in 2023, Studio Swanson brings the joy of music to the Northern Neck of Virginia through ensemble, one-on-one, audience, and workshop experiences. As Founder and Artistic Director, Benjamin Swanson instills a belief that music is for everyone, offering year-round choir opportunities like Soundwaves Chorale and captivating performances, including choral concerts and solo vocal recitals. While not currently accepting new students for private lessons, our upcoming Voice Discovery Academy in Summer 2024 promises an immersive singing "bootcamp" experience, embodying our core belief that everyone can sing. Join us in celebrating the joy of music at Studio Swanson, where harmonies abound, and the transformative power of music awaits.

Our Studio

Headshot of Benjamin Swanson, Artistic Director of Studio Swanson and Soundwaves Chorale


Benjamin Lowell Swanson is a passionate musician and educator based in Colonial Beach, Virginia, and he currently serves as the proud Music Teacher at Colonial Beach High School and Director of Music at Colonial Beach Baptist Church. He has previously held teaching and directing positions at Colonial Beach Elementary School, Fairfax County Public Schools, Connexion Chamber Choir, and Otterbein United Methodist Church.